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​Center For Information Technology Talent Acceleration (C4ITA) was founded to address the pervasive and severe imbalance between technology supply and demand in the market. “The Center for IT Talent Acceleration” will develop superior talent by accelerating knowledge acquisition and industry experience, by creating a public-private education & apprenticeship model, resulting in rapid and sustained value creation for Students, Communities, Employers, Colleges, and Schools across the U.S.A.

C4ITA Flagship Initiative is to grow “diverse” local talent through our “Software Development Apprenticeship” (SDA). Our primary goal is to create 500 software developers in 5 years for each county in the Chicagoland area through the SDA model. Expansion to other parts of the USA to follow.


At C4ITA, we are also impassioned by our goal to increase the percent of women computer science/software development graduates, above the state-wide average of 16%.

Source: 2017 data @

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